Late. S. Surinder Singh

This website displays a treasure trove of ideas. It illuminates the details of our products and speaks of practical applications. It enables you to improve your talent to plan, design, and realise your customer’s dreams. At Sartaj, the assimilated experience is behind each product. We have a heritage of tradition, innovation, and customer service. We are staying true to our roots. We bring to our customers, opportunities to increase their competitive advantage through ongoing innovation. We’re also within reach whenever you need us. The forever rich quality of our products helps you to maintain your good reputation with your customers. And our reliability makes your planning easier. Be with us and experience the thrill.


Our products set the benchmark for function, quality, and comfort of furniture. The brand Sartaj symbolises a strong partnership with trust. Our today is already dedicated to designing a successful tomorrow through the brand values of our company, which will pave the way to future success: Quality, Innovation, Closeness to customers, and Reliability. We meticulously work on products that you often can’t see, noticeable though in the job they do. The secret: awareness of quality, the joy of innovating, constant dialogue with our customers and reliability

Quality is our distinction

The quality of our products plays a crucial role in setting us apart from the others. This covers the entire value-added chain and production. In addition to our highly qualified staff and their clear quality thinking, we surpass technical standards. Contemporary production facilities and measuring equipment, as well as stringent quality controls from the raw material to the finished product, ensure the outstanding quality of our products.

Customer focus is our goal

We concentrate on the varied needs of our customers and pay meticulous attention to details. This results in the continuous optimisation of efficiency in production and logistics and allows us to provide a comprehensive service. Wherever our customers are, we are there when they need us.

Innovation is our fuel

Our customers place their trust in our power to innovate. Sound market research guarantees that all products are attuned with market demands. In parallel, our innovation management system ensures they are constantly improved and re-engineered. We devote close attention to the issues of tomorrow in cross-industry networking projects.

Reliability is in our system

Reliability is the base of quality, innovation, and customer focus. Our personnel help to provide a strong sense of personal commitment and responsibility. On the technology side, efficient and stable processes ensure maximum reliability.